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“Family Restaurant” debut: Children’s film celebrates kids with gay and lesbian parents


“Family Restaurant” debut: Children’s film celebrates kids with gay and lesbian parents

LOS ANGELES, CA – Thought Moment Media has launched “Family Restaurant”, part of a new transmedia project celebrating children whose parents are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT).

Set in a magical family restaurant where the table items come to life at night, this heartfelt live-action film features puppets and children of LGBT families. The story revolves around a grumpy toothpick dispenser named Picky, who learns a lesson in friendship when his new neighbors and a young customer must help rescue him.

Executive Producer Jamison Hebert voices many characters and appears in the film with his husband Alec Mapa and their adopted son Zion. Jamison said, “As a gay father in today’s political climate, I want to show the world that families like ours do indeed exist. Our children and their parents deserve the same respect all other families receive.”

Writer/director Andrea James was inspired when Jamison and Alec adopted Zion from foster care. Andrea said, “This film is a love letter to all young children who live happy and healthy lives in LGBT households. I believe that seeing real children and their families will help change attitudes about this important issue.”

The film had a sneak preview in July at Outfest Family Day. “There are only a handful of works where these young children can see their own families reflected on screen,’ said Andrea. “We wanted to add to that with something fun and entertaining for all families with young children.”

Jamison attributed the realization of the project to successful Kickstarter crowdfunding and “our amazing circle of artists and activists, all of whom volunteered time and talents to make this better than we’d ever hoped.”

The producers plan to create an “It Gets Better” type campaign where the film’s characters interact with children of LGBT families, to show the diversity of these young people and their parents. Future plans also include additional episodes and clips, as well as a book.

Thought Moment Media was co-founded by Andrea James and Jamison Hebert in 2012. Both producers focus on progressive issues and media. The two worked together previously on the 2010 documentary Bullied, about school bullying of LGBT youth. Visit to learn more about their work.


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