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Director Andrea James premieres ALEC MAPA: BABY DADDY

Published on Mar 28, 2014

Andrea’s prepared remarks: Thanks to all of you for creating and supporting diversity in LGBT cinema– Outfest Fusion is so critical right now! I’d also like to thank all of our crew and our producers, led by my friend and business partner Jamison Hebert, and our 400 Kickstarter backers and private contributors. Crowdsourcing yay! My assistant director Patty Cornell saved me many times as we filmed, and my vision for this film would not have happened without the remarkable work of cinematographer Ian McGlocklin, sound editor and mixer Sabi Tulok, my co-editor and postproduction supervisor Bryan Lukasik, and composer Marc Jackson. I’d especially like to thank Alec, Jamie, and Zion for letting me follow them around with cameras on a busy show day. I wanted this film to show real gay dads without the primetime TV filters: in bed, kissing, joking about sex, and in the end simply being a loving family just like any other family. That’s what I felt we needed to see right now to push the envelope. So let’s watch some envelope-pushing comedy from Alec! Thank you again for joining us for our World Premiere of Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy!