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Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy news

Review highlights


“Funny and touching. Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy is so adorable Brad and Angelina are trying to adopt it.”
Joan Rivers (image source)


“[Mapa’s] show has an underlying positive message that gay parenting is just parenting.”
— Frank Lowe, The Advocate


“Mapa riffed a lot on the joys and challenges of being a father and managed to be both touching and funny…”
— Michael Musto, The Village Voice


— Jim Halterman, The Backlot


“It’s rare that an evening of comedy can make you laugh hysterically and cry in the same hour.”
— Suzy Evans, Backstage


“Can one man go from stand-up gigs, red carpets, gay cruises, and circuit parties to being a
responsible, car pool driving P.T.A. member?”
Broadway World


“It works beautifully and is worth the standing ovation it received. You’ll love it.”
— Mark Blasius, Edge NY


“This man is a scream. Such a talent, and that talent is showcased wonderfully in the documentary
Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy directed by Andrea James.”
— Greg Hernandez, Greg in Hollywood


“The measure of a great storyteller is the ability to have an audience in tears of laughter in one
second and in the next have them sighing over a heartbreaking tale.”
— Dustin Fitzharris, Cabaret Exchange


“As a performer, Mapa has an abundance of charm, wit, and style. And as a writer, he knows
how to craft his tales for maximum comic mileage.”
— Dan Bacalzo, Theatre Mania